Wireless Crane Scales OCS-XS

Our new generation of OCS series wireless digital crane scale uses advanced technology. It has good quality performance and complete specifications. Technical data meets international OIML(III) level scale standards. Compare with same products home and abroad, it is easy to use and maintain, it is more accurate, and has high temperature durance. Signal transmission is reliability and has low failure rate. We have 1t, 3t, 5t, 10t, 15t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t, 80t, 120t and other specifications. It has these functions, tare subtraction, price counting, different types printing, words input, indicator display in menu style. It works well in steel industry, metallurgy, railway, warehousing, port, machinery, coal mining, mining and other industrial applications.

OCS wireless crane scales are especially suitable for foundries and other hot temperature industries. In addition, the JM- OCS telemetry crane scale enable quick and easy installation and is an ideal solution for all those applications where using a cable is not possible or not convenient.


1. Accuracy Class:OIML Class III
2. Display:30mm(1.2inch) 5 digits LCD
3. Tare Range:Full capacity
4. Stable Time:< 10 seconds
5. Overload Indication:100% Max. capacity + 9e
6. Max. Safety Load:125% Max. capacity
7. Ultimate Load:300% Max. capacity
8. Operation time:60 hours min/100 hours max
9. Battery Type:Fully sealed lead-acid battery, 6V/10Ah
10. Charger:DC9V/1500mA
11. Operating Temp:-10 degree - +40 degree
12. Operating Humidity:< 85% RH under 20degree
13. Battery of Remote Controller:5# battery, 1.5Vx2


JM-T3000 indicator functions JM-T3000+ indicator functions
24digital high precisionAD,1million extend unix code guarantee precision. Humanness program orders input, powerful data memory and delete function.
Adopt newest dynamist filtering algorithm, not interfered by shaking, stable and fast. Adopt newest data software, faster and more stable.
Do not need calibrate indicator when changing another indicator. Auto select frequency, avoid interference.
Metallic housing, anti bump, anti interference. Many type of printing, can be used in trade settlement.
Big screen display, easy operation. Many transmission manners: RS2329 port connects external devices, communication speed rate and style can be set.
Support different frequencies, avoid interference.

Weight modify function. Weight locking function.

Remote ON/OFF function.  
Many types of printing styles and printing titles. Battery voltage display. 
Many transmission manners: RS2329 port connects external devices, communication speed rate and style can be set.