Portable Axle Weighing Scales

Can choose wired, wireless or both, all of them used integral sensors. 7 inch touch color screen display, can operate is by mouse or touch method. With kinds of weighing system. Special statistic analyze software, easy to record, statistics and checking. To operate directly by PC through the connection between PC and indicator. And also with the function of automatic realize through video and Truck ID (Optional)


1. Capacity of each pad: 20ton, 30ton, 40ton
2. Accuracy in static: 0.3%
3. Accuracy in dynamic: ≤+/- 3% FS (V ≤5~10km/h)
4. Max Safe Load: 150%FS
5. Power: DC12V/AC220V or Vehicle Power
6. Wireless Transmission: >150m in open sites
7. Sensor: Temperature compensation type
8. Printer: Built-in Epson 16-line Needle Printer, can record truck ID, axle weight, total weight, load limitation, overload weight, time, etc.

Dynamic Accuracy OIML
Static Accuracy International
Division 5\10\20kg
Max. Capacity 30000kg(Single Axle)
Min. Capacity 20e(e division)
Max. Safe Load 150%Fs
Operating Temperature -20-90(degree)
Power DC12V\AC220V
Ramp Rubber ramp
Limited Speed 20km/h(less than)
Data Output RS232\USB
Video Support video connection, Truck ID automatic identification system (Optional)
Axle instrument Model Buildin inner electronic display setting; solve the problem, which using labels axle type table lead to ambiguous.
Compensated Temperature Sensors The sensor with the Compensated Temperature
Print Truck ID, Axle weight, Total Weight, type of axle, time and so on.
Software With Four weighing systems, can switch it freely.
Printer Using needle type energy saving printers, can permanently kept the print paper.
Structure Form Using the whole sensor, and the temperature compensation sensor is installed inside,the temperature can be higher in the scale units generated by the temperature error compensation, while dualsensor signal circuit design, one circuit failure, the system will automatically switch to another circuit to improve the onsite equipment availability, reduce equipment failure rates.


Function Features:
1. Thin plate, light in weight, easy to carry
2. Box type indicator, AC and DC power alternative, battery work for 40 hours, combination display with printing, auto-shut.
3. With four weighing systems, switch freely.
4. Inspection for static and dynamic working environment, efficiency and accuracy.
5. Judge whether overloading or not automatically.
6. Printing the completed judging condition automatically.
7. Storing data according to personal requirements.
8. Consist of complete vehicle number.
9. Can input the inspection organization name and examiner name.
10. Backlit LCD display, it can operate in evening clearly.
11. Inspection indicator can work independently; also upload the data to computer.