JM-T7000 loader scales

JM-T7000 loader scale is weighing and metering equipment that combination the user needs of practical application to weigh bulk material, it can be used for vehicle loading measurement, Blackout measurement, earth measurement. It consists of sensors and weighing instrument, can dynamically measure, also stately measure. Weighing instrument can print the date, time, display peeled, zero adjustment, storing the weight data and information and other, when the product is weighing it doesn’t affect the normal loading work, If operate according to prescribed procedures, accuracy error can be controlled within 1%, both imported and domestic various types of loaders can be installed this product.

Usage range:
The product is widely used in the places such as railway goods yard, port, dock, gravel plants, mines, coal mines, coal fields, coal preparation plant, mining and so on, where there are massive bulk materials and must limit carries and measurement when the materials are shipped by the loaders.

The functional characteristics:
1. Controlled by the microprocessor, high intellectualized degree, small volume, beautiful appearance.
2. The weight data can be output through the serial port, USB connection, also can through GPRS wireless transmission (Optional).
3. Bilingual keyboard, can input Chinese character, at the same time keys was equipped with sound and light automatic reminders to prevent the disoperation.
4. Apply Dynamic sampling and fuzzy algorithmic, dynamic calibration and dynamic weighing can be achieved.
5. Multi-mode dual-circuit detection, data accuracy, high precision weighing
6. There is no need to stop, the automatic weighing during the lifting process, does not affect the loading efficiency, can prevent overloading and under load.
7. The loading time, unit name, goods name, weight, license number and other data can be printed.
8. 240x128 mm large- screen display, can display the weighing results, system information, etc.
9. Display and keyboard have a source of background light, are convenient for the night time operation.
10. Function of overloading auto-alarm, real-time reminders, to avoid overloading.
11. Storage memory, when the electronic scale is shut down, the weighing data can be automatically saved.
12. Metal instrument design, anti-jamming, it can cover a wide range of operating environment.

System structure:

1. Oil Pressure Sensor 2. Temperature Sensor. 3. Position Sensor.
4. Connecting Components 5. Weighing Instrument.  

Technical parameters of the system:

Accuracy 1-2%
Working voltage 12+-20%VDC
Working current 100mA-500mA
Working temperature High temperature proof, can proof 1000℃
Connection of sensors Used four cables, automatic compensation
Display Large LCD display
Time Can show the current time and date.
Keyboard Used touch buttons, keys fluorescent settings, suit for night operations
Division 1Kg、10Kg、20Kg、50 Kg、100 Kg、
Min. Capacity 200 Kg