Wheel Loader CG958H

1. Working cycle time equals the sum of the raising time taken by the swing arm, the descending time of the swing arm, and the rolling time of the bucket.
2. We reserve the right to make changes to the configuration and specification of our products without prior notice due to the continuous technical improvements of CG construction machines.
Operating weight 17700kg
Load capacity 5000kg
Rated Capacity 2.5-3.6 m3
Max. Traction Force 180kn
Breakout Force 165kn
Working cycle time 11.8s
Max. dumping height 3196mm
Max. dumping reach 1039mm
Max. gradeability 30°
Wheelbase 3360mm
Wheel track 2745mm
Min. turning radius 6400mm
Max speed (forwards) 36km/h
Length 8180mm
Width 3000mm
Height 34540mm
Engine Cummins QSB6.7 
Rated power of engine 164kw

CG958H (CE) Top Classwheel loader has the following features.
1. It has passed EU Safety Certification (CE).
2. This heavy equipment machine is powered by an original USA Cummins QSB6.7 engine and meets European Emission Stage III/EPA Tier III standards.
3. It has a fully hydraulic power steering system with flow load-sensing, single joystick, boom lifting limitation and bucket auto-balancing function.
4. The electro-hydraulic ZF transmission of this Top Classwheel loader is four speed in forward motion and three speed reverse.
5. Integrated wet drive axles.
6. This construction machine has hydraulic motor drive, independent cooling system and electronically controlled backward-opening engine cover.
7. Its alarm system and electronic monitoring device provide automatic real-time machine monitoring.
8. Its comfortable ROPS/FOPS cab is heat-insulated, shock-absorbing, noise-reducing, ultraviolet-radiation-proof, and warm. It has a large window for a better view and comfortable driving.
9. The noise level in the cab and noise radiation level of the entire Top Classwheel loader meet the requirements of EU Noise Emission Directive 2001/14/EC.

High Efficiency and Outstanding Performance
1. Engine
CG958H (CE) Top Classwheel loader is powered by a Cummins QSB6.7 engine. It is powerful, economical in fuel consumption and is reliable.
2. Dual-pump flow-converging steering system
The dual-pump flow converging steering system offers easy operation and is efficient.

Heavy-duty Frame
1. This Top Classwheel loader has a high strength and maintenance free frame. Its frame is designed using 3D technologies.
2. The streamlined mudguard has a better appearance, rigidity and utility.
3. Detailed safety design. CG958H (CE) Top Classwheel loader comes with antiskid material at both sides and rubber material in cab to enhance the safety of the machine.

Good Operating Environment
1. Cab
The comfortable cab of this Top Classwheel loader is an ROPS/FOPS cab with an air conditioner for a better working environment.
2. Seat
The shock absorbing seat can be freely adjusted to meet different driver demands. The control box can be moved forward or backward.
3. Electrical monitoring system
This wheel loader has a level-3 alarm system and an electronic monitoring device.

Convenient and Prompt Maintenance
1. Engine cover
The engine cover is electronically controlled and opens backwards. This makes maintenance easy.
2. The integrated hydraulic components box makes it easy to examine and repair this Top Classwheel loader.

ITEM CG938H CG948H CG958H CG990H
Operating weight 12500kg/ 13200KG / 29101LB 17700kg / 39021lb 31500-32000kg / 69300-70400LB
Bucket Capacity 2.1 m3 2.3m³ / 3yd 3-4.7yd / 2.5-3.6 m3    5.9-8.9yd /4.5-6.8m3
Rated Load capacity 3800kg 4000kg / 8818.5lb 5000kg / 11023.1lb 9000kg / 19800lb
Breakout Force 119KN 133kn / 29.925kip 180kn / 40.5kip 260kn / 58.6KIP
Fuel Tank Capacity   180l / 39.6gal 250L / 55GAL 420L / 110.95GAL
Grade Ability 30° 30° 30° 30°
Max. dumping height 2949±50mm 2837+-50mm / 9'3''+-1.9'' 3196mm+-50mm / 10'5''+-1.9'' 3313mm+-50MM / 10'9''+-1.9''
Dump Clearance @ Max. Lift 923±50mm 960+-50mm / 3'1''+-1.9'' 1039mm+-50MM / 3'4''+-1.9'' 1317mm+-50MM / 4'5''+-1.9''
Max. Forward Speed 34km/h   21mhp 37km/h   23mhp 36KM/H     22.4MPH 32KM/H     19.9MPH
Hydraulic Oil Capacity   100l / 22gal 110L / 24GAL 260L / 68.6GAL
Max. Traction Force 110KN   180kn 260kn
Working cycle time 9.6S 10.4S 11.8s 12s
Wheelbase 2900±30mm   3360mm 3600mm
Wheel track     2745mm 3250mm
Min. turning radius 5200 5695 6400mm 6882mm
Length 7330mm 7400mm 8180mm 9459mm
Width 2470mm 2800mm 3000mm 3579mm
Height 3300mm 3485mm 34540mm 3821mm
Model Cummins QSB6.7   Cummins QSB6.7  Cummins QSB6.7     Cummins QSM11    
Type Line Engine, Water Cool,Dry Type Cylinder jacket, Direct Injection Line Engine, Water Cool,Dry Type Cylinder jacket, Direct Injection Line Engine, Water Cool,Dry Type Cylinder jacket, Direct Injection Line engine, Turbo-charged, Electri control, Air to air aftercooler
Displacement   6.7L / 408.8IN³ 6.7L / 408.9IN³ 10.8L / 659IN³
Peak Torque   732N.M 949N.M 1674N.M
Rated Power 116KW / 158HP 119KW / 159.6HP 164KW / 219.9HP 250kw / 335.2HP
Rated Revolution 2200R/MIN 2200R/MIN 2200R/MIN 2100R/MIN
Steering System        
Type   Full Hydraulic Steering system with pressure load-sensing Full Hydraulic Steering system with pressure load-sensing Full hydraulic amplification hinge joint steering
Turning Angle   35° each Side 35° each Side 38° each Side
Min. Turning Radius 5200MM Bucket outboard 6600mm / 21'6'' Bucket outboard 7350mm / 24'1'' Bucket outboard 7695mm / 25'2''
  Rear Tire outboard 5800mm / 19' Rear Tire outboard 6700mm / 21'10'' Rear Tire outboard 6882mm / 22'6''
Torque Converter Type   Three element, Single Turbine Three element, Single Turbine Three element, Single Turbine
Transmission Model ZF 4WG 158, German original ZF Electric-hydrautic control shift gearbox ZF 4WG 200, Electric-hydrautic control shift gearbox ZF 4WG 310, Fixed axis type, Automatic shifting
Gears   Four forward speed and three backword speed Four forward speed and three backword speed Four forward speed and three backword speed
Hydraulic Working System        
Working System Pressure 19MPA 21MPA 17.5MPA 22.5MPA
Lifting Time of Working Device   <=5.5S <=6.5S <=7.1S
Action Time of Implement <=9.6S <=11.6S <=12.5S <=12S
Front and Rear Axle        
Main transmission Type   First level spiral gear deceleration First level spiral gear deceleration Cone-shaped gear
Wheel side Braking Type   Planetary Reducer Planetary Reducer Planetary Reducer
Drive Axle Braking Type Wet type brake Wet type brake Wet type brake Wet disc type brake
Specfication 20.5-25-20PR 20.5-25-16PR 23.5-25-16PR 29.5-25-28PR
Front Tire Pressure   0.3MPA 0.3MPA 0.4MPA
Rear Tire Pressure   0.3MPA 0.3MPA 0.38MPA
Braking System        
Braking Full hydraulic Full hydraulic Full hydraulic Wet disc type brake
Parking Brake Spring braking oil release Spring braking oil release Spring braking oil release SAHR Caliper type brake